News Item: : Y1 : Jarrko Rissanen wins at Sebring
(Category: The League)
Posted by Wim Sjøholm
Thursday 05 February 2009 - 20:36

Jarrko Rissanen wins the first race of season Y in dominating fashion, 20.5 seconds ahead of his Ajira Racing teammate Sami Silventoinen with Jaakko Mikkonen taking the final spot on the podium. 8 drivers finished on the same lap as the winner, with a total of 13 drivers finished the race.

The results gives Ajira a huge lead in the team championship with 54 points, more than double that of joint second place holders Mikkonen Racing and Pinnacle Motorsports. Link to full race results. You can find the driver standings here and the teams standings here.

Next race will be the
Sports Car Challenge of St. Petersburg on Monday February 9.

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