News Item: : Y2 : Jarrko Rissanen wins at St. Petersburg
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Posted by Wim Sjøholm
Saturday 14 February 2009 - 19:35

Jarrko Rissanen has won the second race in season Y. Rissanen drove yet another race without really being threatened, winning from pole position with a race time of 45:54.199. Richard Johansson did not quite match his excellent qualifying performance, having missed pole with only 3 thousands of a second, but did still manage to finish in second place 11.9 seconds behind the winner. Mattias Stahre took the final podium position, after having an incident with Silventoinen at the first lap that left Silventoinen facing the wrong direction. Click here for the full race result.


Rissanens second win gives him a total of 60 points, extending his lead. Sami Silventoinen and Richard Johansson are the joint second place holders, both with 46 points each. Ajira Racing
, with 106 points, is the dominating team so far in the season. After two races they have built up a 45 point cusion over second place holders Comet Racing Team (61 points). Mikkonen Racing is rounding out the top three teams with a total of 41 points. You can find the full drivers championship standings here and the teams championship standings here

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