News Item: : Jarkko Rissanen and Ajira Racing wins the championships!
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Posted by John Sjostrand
Tuesday 28 April 2009 - 06:00

Jarkko Rissanen dominated the season, winning every race and taking most pole positions.

Drivers championship
1 Jarkko Rissanen -- 180 points
2 Peter Zvan -- 118
3 Nick Phillips -- 87

Teams championship

1 Ajira Racing - 246 points
2 Pinnacle Motorsports 170
3 Eastern Motors 118

For full standings, see link in top menu.

Races cancelled
Because of bad attendance lately, races seven through to nine are cancelled and the standings after race six are the final standings.

Thanks guys for racing. Maybe Comet will come back, but it depends on you if you want to race and help out with whatever is needed. It hasn't been enough of that this season nor last one. It started out well with lots of people signing up, but then the grid got thinner for every race and now it was time to pull the plug.

#f1open on Quakenet will still be there as long as you guys hang there. Also would like to add that this forum and website will of course be here so keep using it (preferebly more than you have done before!).

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